Staff Leadership

Jorge Brown
CEO and Executive Director 

Jorge Brown is the Advanced Leadership Foundation’s Chief Executive Officer. In this role he sets strategic priorities, monitors results, and facilitates relationships with key partners. As CEO, he coordinates all personnel, represents the Foundation and presents all new opportunities to the Board. Mr. Brown is also partner at the US consultancy firm, MAPA Group, an international business development consulting firm headquartered in Washington DC.

Jorge has more than 15 years of experience in corporate internationalization and political consultancy at both a national and international level. He has  developed most of his career as a consultant and advisor to numerous business and political leaders in Europe and Latin America, specializing in growth strategies, business development, human resources and corporate strategies. Heserved as Senior Advisor to the Mexican Ambassador in Belgium and held numerous posts in the Mexican government including the 2000 Mexican presidential transition team. He was also a development coordinator for The Climate Reality Spain, the Spanish branch of former U.S. Vice President Al Gore’s climate change nonprofit project. 

A multi-faceted professional, Jorge has written and produced several dramatic plays in major European theatres as well as curated some major art exhibitions in Spain. Jorge holds a Bachelor degree in Political Science and Public Administration, a Master’s degree in Law and Economics from Ghent University and Stockholm Universitet and has doctoral studies at the Ortega and Gassett Institute of the Complutense University of Madrid. 

Paloma Rivero
Project Director and Argentina Office Director 

Paloma works as Project Director at the Advanced Leadership Foundation, managing Trade Missions and the first Green Economy Congress in Latin America in December 2016. Since 2017 she is also Director of the newly founded Argentina office of the Advanced Leadership Foundation. Always involved in political and social topics, Paloma has colaborated with diferent institutions engaged in the protection of women victims of gender violence. Passionate about travelling and with an international view, she has traveled around the world throughout her life. Since July 2015, Paloma has continued  her education in France and New York, where she worked as a volunteer for the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. Her mother tongue is Spanish, and she speaks fluent English and French.

Paloma has a degree in Law from the University of Salamanca. As an expert in private Spanish law she has been providing legal advisory services to different clients since june 2013, especially in the fields of contracts and inheritance law. Between 2009 and 2015 she was preparing for entrance exams to become a public notary while conducting the administration and management of a family bussiness in the restauration field.


Victoria Perez de Agreda

Victoria Perez de Agreda served as Program Manager in 2015 and then Director of Programs of the Advanced Leadership Foundation in 2016. Victoria coordinates and oversees the implementation of projects and manages institutional relations, assisting with public-private partnership initiatives. As of March 2017 Victoria continues collaborating with the Advanced Leadership Foundation as a freelance Consultant. 

Victoria has professional experience in both the public and private sectors as an international consultant and analyst, focusing on the development of trade and commercial interests and international politics applied to a local context, working on projects for the development of the renewable energy sector in Spain and diversification of the dairy industry in New Zealand. She has more than 20 years of experience travelling all continents and is an expert in multicultural communication and transcultural adaptation.

Victoria is passionate about political communication and public relations and has always lived and worked in a multicultural and multilingual environment, as well as represented organizations and clients' interests.  In May 2014 she earned her MA in International Affairs from Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) after completing graduate work in International and European Law, as well as International Economics and Conflict Management. She wrote her thesis on "UN-EU inter-institutional cooperation in the DR Congo," which led her to work as a Political Analyst and Public Relations Manager in Kinshasa, before joining our team.

Victoria grew up living in Europe (Spain, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, France and Belgium) and New Zealand. She acquired a Bachelor’s Degree, Cum Laude, in International Relations from Saint Louis University – Madrid, with a Minor in Iberoamerican Studies. Victoria is a native English and Spanish speaker and is bilingual in French and German, as well as fluent in Portuguese and conversational in Italian. A skilled interpreter and translator, she defends the importance of communication, branding and public diplomacy in international business and affairs.

David Socol
Project Coordinator