Responsible Gambling

Responsible Gambling is a strong advocate for responsible gambling and encourages all of our players to play within their limits. Gambling is fun, but like most things too much can ruin lives. We are not psychology professionals, but we need any help, so here are some golden rules to help prevent bad gambling habits.

  • Control your funds: set reasonable monthly limits on how much you set aside for gambling .Make sure you have enough for everything else , and stick to that amount at all costs.
  • Don’t chase losses: stick to the amount you set for playing and don’t try to recover what you’ve lost if that means eating funds outside of your limits. It never ends well!
  • Gamble on better days: when you start to let emotions guide your decisions, chances are you will find yourself in a downward spiral otherwise known as a “tipping”. Basically, play on the days you feel good and avoid the days you aren’t.
  • Prevent drink gambling: don’t gamble while drinking, this is obvious advice. People usually make compulsive and bad decisions under the influence of alcohol, so avoid this mistake.
  • Ask for help: problems with gambling are nothing to be ashamed of and you should always seek help if it gets out of hand. It’s still better to find domestic professionals, but we also have a perfect choice of free resources below.

Gambling for minors

Make sure you have reached the legal minimum age before playing. For US gamers, the minimum age is 18, but it varies state to state between 18 and 21, so it’s important to consult your local lawyers to learn more about this.

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