Welcome to DC to our Spring 2017 participants

Today the participants of our Spring 2017 programs are flying to Washington DC. Over the next two days they will take part in orientation activities where they will get some tips and tricks on how to navigate Washington DC, will learn the rules and regulations of their visa and get to meet their peers.

Tomorrow, Thursday 26th, the Executive Director of the Advanced Leadership Foundation, Jorge Brown, will welcome the young professionals to the program and tell them how to take full advantage of their stay in the capital! He will also explain how the Advanced Leadership Foundation works together with governments to put together tailor made programs that guarantee the best specialised training and professional development. To illustrate this, this semester we have our first cohort of three Peruvian participants that are part of the new sponsorship program with Cienciactiva, a CONCYTEC initiative that seeks to train highly specialized human resources in scientific research development. We are also very pleased to have participants from Greece, Spain and for the first time Argentina as well, where our Foundation is setting up an office in 2017.

The Spring 2017 semester will also have the first 50 Mexican participants of the "Jovenes de 100" or "Sonora 100" development program that focuses on learning about and developing cross-sector partnerships to strengthen civil society and address social challenges. They had two days of introductory lectures in Sonora this week before travelling to Washington DC today. Tomorrow they will meet with the President of our Foundation, Juan Verde. 

During the four months the programs last, the participants will be doing their internships in some of the city’s most interesting organizations, which include Izar Capital Group, Chwat Group and Prepfactory among others. On top of that, they will have the opportunity to attend seminars and networking events, and will live in an intercultural environment where they will not only improve their language skills but also make friends from all over the world. We would like to wish them the best of luck during their stay in Washington DC!