Experience Highlights

This was a life-changing experience. Thank you for showing us that we are capable of having initiative, power and good ideas. We just need the support to achieve our goals
— Mexico 100 Initiative participant, Montserrat Lara, MD. Trained at American Public Health Association.
The Washington Center partners with organizations worldwide to provide college students with transformational professional experiences. We are proud to partner with the Advanced Leadership Foundation to extend these opportunities to young people from all over the world. Our partnership allows students with unlimited potential but limited access and funds to achieve their goals and make a profound impact in their communities and the world.
— Training Partner, Pilar Mendiola Fernández, Chief International Officer, The Washington Center
I know this experience is not just something participants will enjoy, but something that will help them immensely in the future. Understanding how corporations and the legal system in the U.S. work will be a huge asset not just for the their future but the future of Gibraltar.
— Funding Partner, Fabian Picardo, Chief Minister of Gibraltar