The Advanced Leadership Foundation works closely with the United States Department of Commerce and national, regional, state and local chambers of commerce to organize trade missions all over the world.

The main objectives for a trade mission are:

a.    Attract foreign direct investment to a specific country or region.

b.    Help US companies who want to export their goods or services to a country or region.

Recently, the Advanced Leadership Foundation has assisted in the organization of several trade missions to Andalusia, Gibraltar and currently Galicia. To do so it has partnered with the American Chamber of Commerce in Gibraltar, the Junta de Andalucía and Diputación de Ourense. 





On June 16th & 17th 2016, a select group of American companies were invited to join the first Trade Mission to Ourense, Certified by the US Commercial Service of the United States Department of Commerce. Ourense is a province in the Northwestern region of the Iberian Peninsula. This trade mission was led by U.S. Representative Loretta L. Sánchez (CA 46th District) and former U.S. Ambassador to Spain Alan D. Solomont, amongst others. The mission was organized by The Advanced Leadership Foundation in partnership with the Spain-US Chamber of Commerce, the American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC), the Metro Atlanta Chamber (MAC) and the regional government of Ourense with the certification of the US Commercial Service in Spain.

For more information on the Ourense Trade Mission visit the website by clicking here.


 During June 2015, the second Trade Mission took place between the United States and Gibraltar. It was designed to strengthen and improve existing business ties between those two countries, focusing on financial and maritime services, and on e-Commerce. According to AmCham President, James Lasry, the trade mission was repeated because of a strong belief that ‘the Rock,’ as Gibraltar is often referred to, has something special to offer.

Gibraltar is an extraordinary place to do business and this is an exciting opportunity to showcase our vibrant local economy. This Trade Mission will allow us to draw attention to our key industries and highlight opportunities for U.S. companies to invest in Gibraltar. We are looking forward to a successful event.
— James Lasry, AmCham President

This offered networking opportunities for twenty-four US firms, and also, according to the Chief Minister it reached its aim to “extend Gibraltar’s reach beyond the traditional frontiers, highlighting the standard of its telecommunications as both an asset, and the result of successful deal with US company Nynex years ago”.

Due to the Advanced Leadership Foundation’s involvement in this project the Gibraltarian companies were able to focus this investment mission on the sector that the local organization wanted to promote to grow specific strategic local industries. 



The Advanced Leadership Foundation worked closely with the United States Department of Commerce in order to organize the first-ever certified trade mission to Gibraltar. 

In May 2014, the Gibraltar-American Chamber of Commerce, AmCham Gibraltar, hosted its inaugural Trade Mission. Twenty-two American companies attended and fifteen Memoranda of Understanding, or MOUs, were signed, as a result of over 170 business-to-business introductory meetings. 

In their own words, the participants of the Trade Mission describe what it was like to learn about the dynamic business environment in Gibraltar and make connections at the Trade Mission.

Thanks to the Advanced Leadership Foundation’s involvement these Gibraltarian companies were able to attract direct foreign investment, and also exchange technological expertise. The Advanced Leadership Foundation also assisted in the recruiting of specialized US companies to attend the event, as well as the business to business meeting schedules. 



La Advanced Leadership Foundation trabaja con el Departamento de Comercio de Estados Unidos, así como con cámaras de comercio locales, regionales, y nacionales para organizar misiones comerciales por todo el mundo.

Siguiendo sus dos principales objetivos: atraer la inversión extranjera de forma directa a una región y ayudar a las compañías estadounidenses a exportar sus bienes y/o servicios a un país o región, se organizó a principios de junio de 2011 en la capital andaluza la primera misión comercial que el gobierno estadounidense llevó a cabo en la región. 

Esta misión fue organizada por la Consejería de Economía, Innovación y Ciencia junto con la Cámara de Comercio de EEUU en España (AmChamSpain), y en ella participaron veinte empresas norteamericanas del sector tecnológico, como AT&T y Cisco, y de las energías renovables visitaron Sevilla para formalizar un acuerdo de colaboración con la Eticom (Asociación de Empresarios de Tecnologías de la Información y de la Comunicación) para generar sinergias y posibles negocios entre sus empresas miembros.

Fue una misión exitosa en la que, por primera vez, se obtuvo el sello de garantía del Departamento de Promoción Exterior del Gobierno de EEUU en Andalucía para recibir a empresas americanas con el fin de iniciar negocios de exportación e inversión.