Gibraltar Leadership Initiative scholarship recipients have been selected

20 scholarship recipients for the Gibraltar Leadership Initiative in Washington D.C. Fall 2016 edition have been selected. We contact alumni and look back on the impact the program has had on their professional development and highlight some of their success stories.

For the past three years, sixty Gibraltarian young professionals have had the chance to take part in the Gibraltar Leadership Initiative in Washington D.C. This initiative consists in interning four days a week at companies and institutions adapted to the professional interests and abilities of each participant. In addition, this four-month program is complemented with networking and mentorship opportunities, as well as soft skills and professional development training in order to increase the leadership and employability potential of the young Gibraltarian participants.

Based on the success of this initiative, the GSLP/Liberals included it in their Manifesto. One of the first orders of action of this new government has been to extend the initiative three more years. This means that sixty scholarships are granted over the next three years of which twenty for the Fall of 2016. This has really paid off, as this year for the Fall 2016 edition we have seen the most competitive selection process so far with over forty eligible candidates applying.

Recently, the twenty young professionals from Gibraltar were selected to receive one of the coveted scholarships. These candidates come from different universities, such as: The University of Warwick, the University of Bath or Regents University London; as well as from distinct fields of study: from majors in Biochemical Sciences and History to Accounting and Finance or English and Literature.

The success of the Gibraltar Leadership Initiative is based on the proven increase in participants’ employability, which is caused by the work experience and leadership and soft skills training they receive.  Some success stories of alumni who participated in the program from 2013 to 2015 are: Gregory Martinez, who is currently working as a Consultant for the global multinational Ernst and Young, or Michael Posso who is currently working at the award-winning Assael Architecture in London and described his experience in Washington DC “as a stepping stone that helped steer his career and professional development in the right direction.” Other success stories include Lucy Rosso´s, who started working at Wayra as an intern, and a few months later became the Events and Communications Manager of the Company. Also, Saxby Macalister is currently working in Hong Kong at The Quick Word, a creative copywriting company were she is able to apply her previously acquired knowledge during the Initiative in Washington as it gave her “an insight and practice into social media content strategies, blog writing and project management that has been highly useful to her current job position.”

All in all, we can say without a doubt, that these stories prove that the Gibraltar Leadership Initiative in Washington D.C. is a life-changing experience for all of the participants and helps them develop different skills that allow them to grown and evolve professionally.