Agreement signed with Scholas Foundation of Pope Francis I

The Scholas Ocurrentes Foundation, led by Pope Francis I, has signed a collaboration agreement with the Advanced Leadership Foundation, chaired by Juan Verde, in order to promote an educational project focused on training future leaders. 

On Sunday May 29th, Juan Verde, president of the Advanced Leadership Foundation (ALF) signed a collaboration agreement with José María del Corral, president of the Scholas Ocurrentes foundation in the presence of Pope Francis I. Thanks to this agreement ALF undertakes to promote Scholas’ activity worldwide, especially in the United States, due to the extensive network the Foundation has.

Both foundations have common challenges and objectives as they both share the mission to train young leaders of the future. They are also fully aware of the importance that guiding the next generation through education has got in order to create a society in which all people have the necessary elements to develop their life project, according to their beliefs and culture.

In this respect, ALF and Scholas Ocurrentes Foundation have pledged to jointly promote training activities in values through technology, art, and sport. 

Scholas is an International Organization of Pontifical Right approved and promoted by Pope Francis I from the Vatican City on August 2013. Under the goal of educating for peace, the Foundation seeks to integrate all educational communities always paying special attention to the low-income, thanks to the commitment of all stakeholders and linking technological, artistic and sports proposals. The Scholas Occurrentes Foundation is present in 82 countries through its network, which includes over 400,000 schools and education-related networks, both public, private and of any religious denomination. Also, the Scholas has offices in the Vatican City, Argentina, Spain, Paraguay and Mozambique.

The Advanced Leadership Foundation is a non-profit organization based in the US and a delegation in Spain, committed to the formation and development of the next generation of business leaders and young professionals worldwide. To meet these objectives, the Foundation has created workforce development programs and executive education in the United States and in other parts of the world. These programs aim to provide young professionals and executives the tools, skills, and corporate connections necessary to acquire a real competitive advantage. In recent years, through its programs, the Foundation has trained hundreds of leaders from six countries on three continents – Spain, Greece, Mexico, Colombia, Kazakhstan, Gibraltar (UK). Based in Washington, D.C: and with offices in Madrid (Spain), Mexico City (Mexico) and Astana (Kazakhstan).