Nobel Prize winner for chemistry Ada Yonath

"Curly hair means a head full of ribosomes"

The Nobel Prize winner, Ada E. Yonath, delivered a conference at the University of Gibraltar last June 14th. The event was organized by the Advanced Leadership Foundation together with AmCham Gibraltar and focused on Ada Yonath’s main study. She discussed her work on the structure and function of the ribosome as well as its significant impact on scientific development.

Prior to the conference, the University of Gibraltar organized a women leadership breakfast where Ada Yonath delivered a short speech on her experience being the first woman in the Middle East to have won the Nobel Prize for science.


After completing her undergraduate and master studies in chemistry, biochemistry and biophysics at the University of Jerusalem, she worked at Weizmann Institute, where she conducted all the research that now is guide for many future scientists.

Her research may not only help in the development of more efficient antibacterial drugs, but could aid scientists in one of the major medical challenges of the 21st century; antibiotic resistant bacteria.

“How did these first ribosomes come into being? How did they begin to produce proteins? How did they evolve into the sophisticated protein factories we see today in living cells? We plan on answering these and related questions in our future work”– Ada Yonath states.

All in all, Ada Yonath is a great example of one of the main principles of the Advanced Leadership Foundation, that tries to promote leadership and expertise in any field and her conference can have a positive impact on the University of Gibraltar that has been recently founded.