Nobel Prize winner Professor Eric Maskin in Seville

Together with the Fundación Cajasol the Advanced Leadership Foundation organized an exclusive conference with Nobel Prize winner Professor Eric S. Maskin at Fundación Cajasol headquarters in Seville last June 13th. His conference was the opening event of the upcoming cycle of conferences entitled “Nobel Talent Program,” where he discussed an Introduction to Mechanism Design.


Eric Maskin is Adams University Professor at Harvard University. He received the 2007 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics (with L. Hurwicz and R. Myerson) for laying the foundations of mechanism design theory. He also has made contributions to game theory, contract theory, social choice theory, political economy, and other areas of economics. He received his A.B. and Ph.D from Harvard and was a postdoctoral fellow at Jesus College, Cambridge University. He was a faculty member at MIT from 1977-1984, Harvard from 1985-2000, and the Institute for Advanced Study from 2000-2011. He rejoined the Harvard faculty in 2012. As a Washington D.C. based non-profit, the Advanced Leadership Foundation maintains relationships with numerous American Universities and was able to take advantage of this in order to secure the participation of Professor Maskin.

After his one-hour presentation on an Introduction to Mechanism Design and a brief debate and Q&A session with Antonio Pulido, the President of the Fundación Cajasol, Eric Maskin received an award becoming the sixth Nobel Prize winner to enter the European Council of Doctorate Degree Holders (ECDDH). He stated that “it was an honor to accept this award, for all that the ECDDH institution means”.

All in all, this event was a huge success and in line with the mission of the Advanced Leadership Foundation, which is to showcase leadership and expertise in any field.