Juan Verde on Argentina's renewable energies

The president of the Advanced Leadership Foundation, Juan Verde, an expert in when it comes to environmental sustainability, spoke about the importance of renewable energies during his stay in Buenos Aires. Nowadays, since the effects of climate change can no longer be ignored, renewable energies can bring immense sustainable development opportunities to countries like Argentina. 

According to him, Argentina is well positioned to become the world power house in renewables in the near future, as in the northern area of the country solar energy projects can be developed and wind energy projects in the south. Furthermore, he encouraged people to take a stand on this issue since he believes that politicians will take action if there is a strong social demand. 

Argentina, is just one example of how leadership can impulse environmental sustainability and lead to many business opportunities. The development of renewable energies as the first source of energy for a country would not only mean the creation of an industry that would generate thousands of jobs for local labour force, but a huge step regarding sustainable development for the whole world.