Green Economy: Environment, Awareness and Action Summit in Argentina, December 1-2

The Advanced Leadership Foundation (ALF) has developed the 1st National "Green Economy: Environment, Awareness and Action" Summit in Argentina, that aims to raise awareness in society, institutions and governments on the importance of sustainable development and protection of the environment in an innovative way. 

The Summit will take place on December 1st and 2nd in the city of Córdoba, Argentina.

The Summit includes a series of conferences dictated by national and international speakers like Nobel Prize winners Ada Yonath, Shirin Ebadi, Mario Molina and Kurt Würthrich and renownd environmental activists such as Juan Verde, Van Jones, Robert Kennedy Jr., Bill Richardson, Alexandra Cousteau, Noah Mamet, David Levine and Ken Berlin. The event brings together more than 300 leaders of Argentina’s public opinion belonging to different sectors including economics, arts, sports, entertainment, politics and media; committing to provide at least ten presentations in the next 12 months on Green Economy and sustainable development allowing them to be part of the largest broadcast network in Latin America in sustainability in their areas of influence. 

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