Research Program For Kazakhstani Fellows, Summer 2015

The Advanced Leadership Foundation has created the Leadership Initiative for Kazakhstani Fellows. Currently underway, this is a pilot program that will run for two months and involves three prominent Kazakhstani fellows working on a conflict resolution research project. Our three fellows have received a grant from the state’s Bolashak Program that awards scholarships to high-performing Kazakhstani students and professionals to study overseas, and aims to capacitate future Kazakhstani professionals seeking to improve their professional competencies.

In this particular instance, our three Kazakhstani fellows are carrying out their research project in the field of Peacemaking and Conflict Resolution. With backgrounds in the fields of international relations, business management, finance and economics, our participant profiles include professors of Economics and Law and International Relations at the Kazakh-American University and an investigative researcher at the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The program aims to provide these professionals with the necessary tools to update their knowledge and skills about conflict resolution. With an interdisciplinary approach our fellows will receive high quality training in quantitative and qualitative methods. The outcome of the program will mean the generation of new opportunities for Kazakhstan and the contribution of our participants’ experience to its economic and social development and its competitiveness.

This program is executed in coordination with the Foundation's strategic partner Georgetown University and their Center for Intercultural Education and Development (CIED). The course of this Leadership Initiative will take place at this prestigious institution where participants will work using all of the facilities and amenities it has to offer.  

Following a comprehensive first-week orientation, including campus tours and meeting with professors and faculty, the three fellows are now undertaking the rigorous and comprehensive program on conflict resolution. A combination of relevant theory and practical courses, participants study courses titled “Conflict Resolution Theory”, “Conflict Resolution Skills”, and “Applied Negotiations”. Additionally, the program includes seminars and workshops in international institutions and organizations working in the field of conflict resolution such as the World Bank, United States Institute of Peace, or the International Monetary Fund in Washington D.C. The program will conclude with the presentation of our fellows’ final research papers.