Training Young Greek Global Leaders

Another exciting venture to start this fall is our Greece cohort, who will embark on an internship in Washington D.C. Consisting of two female participants, one is a recent graduate and the other has several years of work experience. This opportunity seeks to give these women an international competitive edge in the Greek workforce, as part of the Advanced Leadership Foundation’s (ALF) mission to train young global leaders. 

Our two participants will commence their internship experience this fall, and one more will start in the spring. All outstanding candidates with impressive backgrounds, one of our participants is a young professional with 5-7 years of work experience as a corporate legal counsel. The other participant is a recent graduate of political science from Georgetown University with an interest in international political economics. Washington D.C. is no doubt a strategic location for them to carry out their professional internship program, that will cater to their needs and interests in the fields of law and politics.

The Foundation is now in the process of matching these future interns with the most suitable work location in the US capital. As part of a vision of empowered leaders, ALF seeks to promote the growth of women in future leadership roles, where our participants will be gaining work experience and training in some of the most prestigious institutions and companies the city has to offer.