President of the Advanced Leadership Foundation Receives Civic Engagement Award in Washington, D.C.

Juan Verde, president of the Advanced Leadership Foundation, attended The Washington  Center´s 2015 gala dinner last week and was awarded with the center´s Pillar Award for Civic Engagement for his support of experiential education. Upon receiving it, he recalled his arrival to the US as a student and how he relied on his passion for education to create a future for himself. He is now glad to be able to witness how younger generations are able to have similar experiences because of their own passion for professional development. 

Additionally, on Global Citizenship Day, celebrated last Friday, 9th of October, Juan Verde outlined his ideas about innovation by explaining that it is necessary to break past cycles of mistaken decisions. He also detailed how he learned to think outside the box from his personal experiences and made the most of difficult situations. The Washington Center has coined Juan Verde as a ´trailblazer for leadership education´ and described him as a social entrepreneur who has placed a strong focus on innovation and global leadership.

Juan Verde has placed strong emphasis on the importance of work experience in furthering young people´s careers, something that is recognised by this new award.